Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Matt's Hat

This is a story
Of a boy named Matt
Who always accidentally
Kept losing his hat

He lost it at the bookstore
He lost it at the pool
He lost it at the museum
And he lost it at school

His mother said, "Matthew
Losing your hat is not funny
Your head will get cold
And they cost lots of money"

First Matt tried tying
His hat onto his hair
But a gust of wind blew
And his hat flew off into the air

Then he tried gluing
His hat to his head
But the glue melted in the sun
And the hat was lost again

But then he had an idea
To never lose his hat
On his head he would wear
A really loud cat

So now whenever Matt
Loses his hat
He just follows the sound
Of the really loud cat (MEOW!)

And now he never loses
His hat anymore
His mom is always happy
And his head is always warm

But Matt has a new problem
He keeps losing his mittens
His idea to fix that
Is for his cat to have kittens!

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