Sunday, 25 January 2015

How Many Trees Are In Mount Doug Park?

Have you ever wondered
How many trees are in Mount Doug Park?
Young Emily decided to count them
She got her note pad and made a start

She started in the south
And worked her way north
Counting Maples and Cedars
And Douglas Firs of course

She counted ten, then a hundred
To one thousand and one
Then she got overwhelmed
There was so much counting to be done

Then she spotted an Owl
Perched at the top of tree
He was looking back at her
And he asked quizzically:

"Why are you counting them,
Each one separately?
When they all work together
To support you and me?"

Emily shrugged her shoulders
The Owl was right
She was looking so hard at the trees
That she missed the forest in plain sight

She looked around the Park
And realized that the counting was done
The total number of trees in this forest
Is, and always will be, one.

As seen in the Mount Doug Park Newsletter:

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