Monday, 17 November 2014

No Dogs Allowed On The Bus

Gabby had a dog
And the dog's name was 'Gus'
They wanted to go play at the park
So they decided to take the bus

They walked to the bus stop
And waited with the crowd
But when the bus arrived the driver said,
"Sorry, no dogs allowed"

Gabby and Gus were sad
But she had an idea that was stealth
If there were no dogs allowed
Then she would dress up Gus as something else

So she dressed Gus as a cat
She was a masterful deceiver
But the bus driver said sadly,
"No cats allowed either"

Then she tried dressing Gus as a bird
Then a lizard and then a goat
But no matter what she dressed Gus as
The driver always said, "Sorry, no"

But then she had one more idea
So good that it might just work
Gabby dressed up as a dog
And dressed up Gus to look like her

They walked down to the stop
And when the bus finally arrived
The driver just smiled and said to them,
"Well, you got me this time"

So he let them on the bus this once
As long as Gus promised not to bark
And the girl and the dog
Took the bus to play at the park

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