Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Rhyming Story: Making Baby Sister Smile

Our son loves to make our daughter smile. I wrote a poem/story about it.

Making Baby Sister Smile

Brother was happy to get a new sister
And he wanted to make her smile
But a grin on his sister he could not make
No matter how hard he tried

He painted her a picture
Made her a mud pie
Gave her his train
Flew her a kite

Sang her a song
Dressed up as a giraffe
But sister wouldn't smile
Not even a laugh

He climbed Mt Everest
Swam to the bottom of the sea
Built her a rocket ship
Made her a cup of tea

Did a silly dance
Gave her cheeks a tickle
But sister wouldn't smile
Not even a giggle

Read her a book
Built her a giant castle
Squeezed her fresh orange juice
Got her a pony with a tassel

But no matter how hard he tried
After thousands of attempts
He just couldn't make her smile
Not even the smallest flinch

He said, "It doesn't matter if you don't smile sister
Cause I'll always love you dear"
And after hearing those magic words
Sister grinned from ear to ear

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