Friday, 13 December 2013

The Boy Who Lost His Imagination

Once upon a time
There was a boy named Dean
Who spent all his free time
Staring at his screens

While his friends played and laughed
In the sunshine outside
Dean stayed indoors
With technology in front of his eyes

He watched videos and played games
He swiped and he tweeted
His tablets and smartphones
Were all that he needed

Always on-line
And rarely at-play
One day his imagination
Got up and walked away

Dean barely even noticed
That something was even wrong
Because he never used it
He didn't notice his imagination was gone

Later that day
Dean came across some other boys
Who were playing with a box
With an incredible amount of joy

"What are you doing"
Said Dean looking stunned
"Why is this empty box
Giving you so much fun?"

"It's not a box, it's a spaceship"
Replied one of the boys
"Can't you see the rockets? Or the blasters?
Or hear the noise?"

But an empty box was all
That Dean could see today
Because Dean's imagination
Had got up and walked away

Next he saw some girls
Who were playing in a tree
Smiling and laughing
Swinging acrobatically

He asked, "What are you doing
Up there in that tree?"
"What is so fun
About some branches and some leaves?"

"It's not a tree it's a castle"
Replied the little girls
"Where we fight dragons and monsters
And try to save the world"

But he didn't see any castle
Only a tree on this day
Because Dean's imagination
Had got up and walked away

When he got home he said to Grandma,
"The other kids all play and laugh
I want to be like them too
So how do I get my imagination back?"

His Grandma said
"Dean, if you want your imagination to return
There are a few things
That you're going to have to learn"

"Put down the smartphone
The tablet and the games
Read some books, sing some songs
Draw some pictures, play in the rain"

Dean listened to his Grandma
And he did just that
And just like she promised
His imagination came back

From then on he spent
Much less time staring at screens
And instead used his imagination
For spaceships, castles and dreams

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