Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The ABC's of the Planning Profession

A is for Action
What a good plan always takes
B is for Bicycle
Turning sharrows to separated lanes

C is for Car Share
Using our stuff more sustainably 
D is for Density
A great tool, when done gently

E is for Equity
Making partnerships, not cliques
F is for Facilitate
A fancy word for letting people speak

G is for Greenspace
Go outside and play
H is for Happy
How cities should feel everyday

I is for Inquire
When something doesn't seem right
J is for Jane Jacobs
Who knew when it was time to fight

K is for Knowledge
The more you listen, the more you know
L is for Locals
Talk to them for the real down-low

M is for Maps
Bring out your crayons and felt pens
N is for Neighbourhoods
Where strangers can become friends

O is for Open
For businesses made locally
P is for Placemaking
Making spaces people don't want to leave

Q is for Questions
Like, Why Does It Always Have To Be This Way?
R is for Rezoning
Get comfortable with constant change

S is for Sidewalks
The backbone of "A to B"
T is for Transit
The 40 foot limousine

U is for User
Always know who you're working for
V is for Venn
Diagrams tell people so much more

W is for Work
Good things never come with ease
X is for X-Walk
Connecting people with where they want to be

Y is for Yesterday
Always learning from the past
Z is for Zero
A Vision that will make our future last

(Inspiration for this came seeing this and reading this)

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