Friday, 20 December 2013

The Best Part of Snow

It's snowing here in the Pacific Northwest.  Which is unusual because it doesn't normally snow here very often.  Since it rarely snows here, most people don't have a lot of experience with snow, therefore chaos will ensure:

  • People go straight to the store and buy expensive snow removal machines (and then not use them again for another decade)
  • SUV's will be driven as if there is no snow on the ground = rollovers in ditches
  • Full grown men will confidently spend entire mornings trying to build igloos for their children

My favorite part about the snow is always the silence.  Growing up in a rainy climate, we're used to our weather making noise.  Rain pattering on the roofs, wind blowing in the trees and the waves crashing on the beach.  But snow snow is different.  It has no sound.  And that is my favorite part about it.

The rain pitter patters as it falls on the streets
The wind blows the branches creaking the trees
But snow is a ghost without any sound
Close your eyes for a second, and it appears on the ground

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