Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Traffic Jam

Honk! Honk! says the traffic
Stuck on the highway again
With Mom, Dad and baby brother
In our big red minivan

I close my eyes and daydream
Of flying over the cars below
But when my eyes open
I see bumper to bumper, row by row

Maybe we should have gotten tickets
For the fast commuter train
Or hopped on the RapidBus
And zoomed down the bus-only lane

Maybe we could have bicycled 
And pretended we were in a race
Or maybe put on our running shoes
And walked at a ginger pace

I wish we could escape this traffic
Where time is wasted so slow
Maybe we could even get a home that's closer
To where we always need to go?

The traffic finally breaks
The slowness comes to an end
But tomorrow we'll wake up
And do it all over again

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