Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Rock That Was Too Big To Throw

Once upon a time
There was a boy at the beach
Who liked to throw rocks
That splashed in the sea

Big rocks and small rocks
Flat ones and round
He threw almost anything
He could find on the ground

But then he found a rock
That he couldn't lift with his hand
No matter how hard he tried
He couldn't get it out of the sand

So the little boy asked
His dad for some help
But he wasn't strong enough either
In its place the rock held

Then he asked his mom
If she would try too
So the three of them tried
But the rock didn't move

So he asked his grandpa, his grandma
His uncle and his aunt
They said, "One, two, three!"
But move it they can't

So he asked the fireman, the baker
And all the kids at school
A hundred people tried lifting
But the rock refused to move

Just when they were all
About to give up
His baby sister crawled by
And gave the rock a shove

And just like that
The rock became free
So everyone picked it up together
And threw it into the sea

The splash was so big
It went as high as anyone could see
And everyone needed umbrellas
Because the splash rained for a week

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